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WTC GIFT City: Transforming the way the world does business

World Trade Centers are not just Grade-A infrastructures that house global companies.
They are in fact, economic development engines that encourage business expansions,
attract international visitors and help rolling new businesses.

Trade Investment

Take your business forward with trade-enabling WTC services.


  • Market Research & ConsultingWe provide research & consulting on crucial trading matters, such as customs clearance, agreements, patents and dispute settlements.
  • Product FeasibilityWe assist businesses, domestic and overseas, in feasibility study through SWOT analysis, cost-value analysis, resource budgeting, etc.
  • Taxation & Regulatory Environment StudyWe assist businesses, organizations, and individuals with tax strategy, planning and compliance. Advise over the regulatory process for entities exploring local markets.

Business Connect

Get a chance to connect and collaborate with global business leaders.


Business Partner Search

We power alliance and partnerships with like-minded people to leverage investment ideas and enable businesses to assess and capitalize new markets.

Market Analysis

We assist businesses, domestic and overseas, in market analysis for product feasibility test through SWOT analysis, cost-value analysis, resource budgeting, etc.


Business to Government

WTC helps local businesses forge strong bonds with peers and government organizations to develop partnerships.


We bridge the gap between trade bodies, government and independent associations, and businesses in India and across the world.

Joint ventures

WTC facilitates Joint Ventures and strategic alliances to ensure market leadership and competitive edge in the global economy.

Mergers & Acquisition

We enable successful mergers and acquisitions by minimizing risks and scrutiny from international regulatory and enforcement agencies.

Technology Adoption

To promote business innovation, we facilitate a smooth adoption of custom-developed technology and skill transfer.


B2B Connects

To build mutually profitable business connections, we provide organizations multiple platforms for networking.

B2C Connects

We use B2C events like trade shows and seminars to the business community to locate, target, and interact with customers.

WTC Global Membership

WTC allows all forms of networking, upgrading, and growth opportunities under one roof.


We focus on domestic and international matchmaking through B2B, B2G and B2C meetings, trade shows, and seminars.

Trade Services

Get access to global events and seminars to take your trade to the next level.

Optimum Entry Strategy

Most attractive investment opportunities are often short-lived and difficult to source, analyze and execute. We help businesses navigate and establish themselves in new markets.

Taxation & Regulatory Environment Study

We assist businesses, organizations, and individuals with tax strategy, planning and compliance. Advise over the regulatory process for entities exploring local markets.

Operation Research

Designed to take advantage of a rapidly evolving investment landscape, we serve as a source of differentiated investment opportunities for our investors and an innovative solution provider to sellers.

B2B & B2G

We provide a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issuesthat creates a positive impact on regional and international businesses, and bring together both government and private bodies to facilitate the smoother flow of business. It creates a powerful lobby of like-minded entrepreneurs that can influence policy and legislation.

Trade Information

We share market trends and statistics in domestic and global trade and host seminars and forums for interaction.

Trade Leads

Our domestic and international networking events play a pivotal role in helping businesses get new trade leads to prosper in existing and new markets.

Events, Conferences & Fairs

Through trade events, we bring promising players from home-grown sectors and global level together on one fertile ground for networking.

B2B & B2C Connects

To build mutually profitable business connections, we provide organizations multiple platforms for networking, like trade shows, seminars and more.

Global Market Access

We assist businesses to break into global markets easily by securing capital for expansion, JVs, M&As, and international collaborations.

Trade Research & Advisory

We provide Trade research and consultation and help develop partnerships with global trade promotion organizations.

Trade Missions

We encourage knowledge exchange, cooperation in trade and technology, and promote cultural and official events for dignitaries.


Explore the location benefits of operating out a premium complex.

Skill & Knowledge

Get access to workforce with right skill set and knowledge


HR Consulting

In collaboration with NIESBUD, we guide entrepreneurs on translating an idea into a venture and cope with its strategic challenges.


Training and Development

To empower young entrepreneurs with the nuances of running a venture, we provide special business classes.


HR Function Management
Accounting & Payroll
Audit Assistance (Stat, Tax and TP)

Tenant Services

Get empowered by the WTC network to secure trustworthy tenants & leases.


Leasing & Related Services

WTC helps business owners to find a suitable tenant to let or lease their office space. Other related services include business intelligence, market research and advice, financial planning, tax tips, and much more.

For Indian Companies

WTC Noida leverages the power of the WTCA global network spread across 318 cities in 88 countries, to help home-grown businesses secure trustworthy tenants and leases in India and abroad.

For Foreign Companies

WTC Noida helps international businesses settle and flourish in India by using WTC's footprint in India across 9 major states and 11 major cities giving them a pan India access along with the information on various government compliances.